Delta Gamma


Julia Brehm


Hi! My name is Julia Brehm. I am from Littleton, Colorado and am a junior studying Speech language and Hearing Sciences and Psychology. I love trying new things and finding joy in the small things our community has to offer. My older sister and younger sister are both Delta Gammas here at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I find DG gives me such a sense of belonging, and love. Our organization represents women of all differences and strives to create a positive environment of sisterhood and excellence. I am so proud of the women in this chapter and want to continue pushing them in every way I can.

Maddy Corzine

VP Communications

My name is Maddy Corzine, I’m from Southern California and I’m a sophomore studying Communications, Creative Technology & Design, and Business. In my spare time, I love skiing, surfing, and anything outdoors. I am the middle child of a mixed family of 7 children and my amazing family is one of my biggest motivators in all that I do. With my love for this community and desire to make every member feel heard and valued, I absolutely jumped on the opportunity to give right back in a position on CMT. Upon becoming a part of Delta Gamma, I realized how special this place is. For the next few years, and forever, this is our home. I believe it is all of our jobs to make DG the best it can possibly be. I promise to work with other members of CMT as well as all of you, to ensure that we do just that, in all aspects of our sisterhood.

Shea Bell

VP Finance

My name is Shea Bell and I am a sophomore from Seattle, Washington studying Economics. I fell in love with Delta Gamma because of the high achieving and diverse group of women that make up our chapter. This environment is incredibly motivating as I enter the realm of finance and continue my internship role in consulting. Outside of class and work I enjoy traveling, skiing, and hot yoga.

Caroline Belmont

VP Programming

Hi! My name is Caroline Belmont, and I’m a sophomore studying Psychology and Business. I am from a close-knit neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago, IL. My upbringings in my neighborhood influenced who I am today, and are the reason I ultimately joined Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma mimicked the strong family-like community that I had growing up and truly felt like home. DG motivates me to be the best version of myself by providing me with opportunities and the best of friendships. This ultimately allows me to do the things I love surrounded by individuals who love, support, and motivate me. I am super excited for this opportunity to help foster the positive uplifting community that DG is.

Eliza Miller

VP Panhellenic

Hi! I’m Eliza Miller and I am so excited to be VP Panhellenic this year. I am a sophomore studying Environmental Design with a minor in Creative Technology and Design. I split time between Potter Valley, CA and Thomasville, GA both of which are small farm towns. Outside of class, I love spending time skiing, hiking, and hanging with friends and family. I am the oldest daughter of two amazing, single parents and really wanted to find a stable, supportive community at CU, a school where I originally knew no one. Delta Gamma has been exactly that, and I am so excited to do my part at creating an even stronger chapter and Panhellenic community.

Olivia Cline

VP Recruitment

Hi! I’m Olivia Cline and I’m a sophomore studying Elementary Education. I’m from the Chicago Suburbs and I’m the oldest of 4 kids in my family. I love running, hiking, skiing and spending time with my friends and family (and of course my dog). Even though I have only been at CU for a year and a half, I feel truly at home here and that is all thanks to Delta Gamma. From the moment I stepped into this house I knew I wanted to be a part of the special community that Delta Gamma fosters and I have not regretted it for a minute! I'm so excited to further my love for Delta Gamma by embarking on this new adventure of being VP Membership. I cannot wait to take on the role of VP Membership and lead our chapter in having a successful and fun filled recruitment in the fall!

Brooke Tellinger

VP Foundation

Hello! My name is Brooke Tellinger and I am VP Foundation this year! I am from Denver Colorado and I am a sophomore studying Environmental Studies with minors in Political Science and Business. I love reading, swimming, almost everything outdoors, and hanging out with friends and family! Delta Gamma and my specific chapter is so special to me and I am excited for this opportunity to help motivate young women to do good and make a difference in out community and helping create an even stronger sisterhood.

Mia Ajanovic

VP Social Standards

I’m Mia Ajanovic. I am a Junior in the Leeds School of Business emphasizing in Information Management and Business Analytics. I was raised in Southern California and moved to Denver before attending CU. I am the youngest child in my family with 2 older brothers. I grew up playing competitive soccer which played a big role in why I wanted to join a sorority. I am motivated by strong women.

Katie Stephens

VP Member Education

Hi, I’m Katie Stephens and am so excited and proud to be VP Member Education this year! I am a sophomore studying Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Business. I love to dance, ski, travel, practice yoga, and spend time with my close friends and family. I grew up in a small town in the San Francisco Bay Area, Moraga, and I grew up as a part of a tight-knit dance community, which led me to be the creative and passionate person and leader I am today. Delta Gamma has provided me with a similar community which emphasizes belonging, togetherness, and sisterhood that I am so passionate about and continue to appreciate day after day. The new member process can oftentimes be overwhelming and uncertain, so I am striving to ensure that all new members feel valued, supported, and welcome throughout the process, as well as the rest of their time as Delta Gammas.

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